I believe that a school should be a mirror of the future society. It is today that we create the world of the future. School is a second home for the child. Students are molded and given shape to face this world. They are taught to face the problems and the skills to solve them on their own. School is a place where a child learns how to share with others, how to respect others and their values, cultures and sentiments.

The important thing that a child learns at school is the spirit of impartially and secularism in the society. No one is rich or poor, smart or dull; all are equal in the eyes of a true teacher.

Tripada has grown at both the fronts i.e. qualitative and quantitative over the past 48 years since its inception in 1968, and ever since then Tripada has been always striving to provide creative and innovative pathways that would guide the energies of the learners and lead them to the destination of success. Commitment to quality in education makes learning a memorable, pleasurable and joyful experience for everyone involved.


   Mr. Archit Bhatt  
Managing Director 
 Tripada Group of Schools